About Us

History of the Wellness Institute of Michigan

The Wellness Institute of Michigan was founded by the owner, Karen Gallagher, LMSW, ACSW. Karen is a professional licensed social worker who has worked in a variety of mental health and substance abuse settings over the past 30 years. The current organization has grown to include several highly trained professionals and fully licensed therapists in three locations.

At the Wellness Institute of Michigan, we utilize a variety of treatment options, including cognitive behavioral therapy, and many other models depending on the needs of the patient. We also work with couples, families, and individuals. Services are provided to ages 0 to 100.

What separates us from others?

Customer Service

We are unique from other clinics because of the individual one-on-one attention and help that you receive from us. From the time that you make the first contact to our office through the time that you receive services we answer your questions and always return your calls as soon as possible. Our desire is to truly make this opportunity for your change and growth an easy process so that you may have a successful experience. We schedule your appointments typically within one week of your first contact.

We take time to assure that the most qualified therapist is assigned to meet your particular counseling and scheduling needs. We also investigate your insurance coverage to help you better understand your financial responsibilities for your mental health care.

Philosophy of Treatment

Our philosophy of treatment is to acknowledge and respect all individual patients, their families, and the circumstances of their lives. We understand that people have multiple influences and experiences that impact their relationships and styles of life. At the Wellness Institute of Michigan, we begin where the patient is and work to assure high regard and consideration for the individual’s cultural experience, socio-economic circumstances, gender identity, religious experience, and family histories.

Your Counseling Program

At the Wellness Institute of Michigan, we believe that your counseling experience must occur in a safe environment in which the patient may begin their journey to make change. We understand that it is often difficult for anyone to confront issues in their life. We create a treatment plan together and work to identify the direction of the counseling process. There is always flexibility in the plan. We address a multitude of problems and life challenges, (see our “Who Should See Us”) section. Life takes us on a journey which can impact how individuals and families cope in their daily lives. In our treatment process, we help patients feel empowered in their lives and improve their sense of well being.

Holistic Belief about Therapy

Our core belief is that mental health counseling is part of recognizing the whole person, taking into account family, social, physical and medical factors. We acknowledge that all of these systems are interwoven and contribute to the overall functioning of the individual.

Humanistic Approach

This approach believes that we can assist the individual to rely on his or herself more confidently. We help the person focus on what they know about themselves and use their own healthy strengths as well as build new coping techniques. This approach emphasizes personal security, resilience, accountability, and flexibility. The goal with the Humanistic approach is to improve self empowerment while building self esteem.

Integration of Care

We support the notion of integrated care which includes a continuum of health-care services and collaboration among providers within or across institutions. This cooperation of care is conducted only with the patient’s permission and interest for the purpose of adding more support in their life.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of any therapy practice and must be adhered to at all times without question. At the Wellness Institute of Michigan, we comply with appropriate federal and state confidentiality guidelines. During the first visit to the office, the patient is provided information and forms which indicate the exact nature of our obligations to assure patient confidentiality. Please feel free to ask your therapist for more details if you have questions.