Coronavirus and Mental Health

Wellness Institute of Michigan Welcomes Telehealth

Hello to the community, family and friends experiencing this new world we are in now due to a pandemic, Covid-19. This global crisis is a first for the United States creating health and financial uncertainty.

There are mental health ramifications which arise now due to this extremely challenging time. I want to start by saying that you and your family are not alone in this emotional experience. We are all going thru this unusual circumstance together! Anxiety, stress, fear and feelings of loss arise from this fully involved interruption in our daily lives and keeps us feeling off track.

Anxiety emotional reactions are:

  • Feeling a loss of control
  • Fear about not knowing what we don’t know, how long will this shut down last? Will I get sick? Will my friends, coworkers or family get sick?
  • Will I be able to make my bills? What will happen with my business or job? How long will that last?
  • Lack of predictability, feeling excessive worry about what will happen next in the world is unusual for many Americans.
  • Physiological responses: Examples are: heart racing, light headedness, sweaty palms, and problems with concentration.

Feelings of loss:

  • Loss in regards to time with family, and friends
  • Loss in regards to changes in plans, travel plans, social activities and events
  • Loss in terms of being able to keep a wedding date, when or if there will be a prom, will I walk at graduation?
  • When will school start again? I miss my time there.
  • When can I see my elderly parent?
  • The lack of ability to make a plan of any kind due to the uncertainty and inability to commit to anything.
  • Seeing the potential and real time losses for our friends businesses, jobs, community and family in terms of their situations. We have empathy and worry for everyone including ourselves.

The emotional upheaval and need to adjust to a lifestyle we could never even imagine is so stressful. We all look around in disbelief. How is this possible? Is this really happening? There is a feeling of shock. This stress is uncomfortable and concerning.

So how do we settle down from all of this? Is there a silver lining in it all?

The way we view it is helpful. However, depending on how deeply this circumstance affects us personally will determine how well we can cope with it. When it is a significant crisis, such as unemployment, lay off or full job loss, seeking support from agencies friends and family maybe helpful. Asking for help which may be very unusual for you, may be necessary now. It is important to show and share feelings as well. Talk about what is going on, sometimes there is some relief in how to handle it by sharing it. At the same time balance your tough new circumstances with identifying things you can be grateful for.

The silver lining is what we make of it when so much around us is so difficult. How do we carve out the small easy tasks and projects that are enjoyable. Can we just be…..

Please call us today to schedule an appointment for telehealth services. Our telehealth program is very easy to use and our therapists are able to walk you thru it comfortably.

Details about the best way to serve you using your mental health insurance coverage is reviewed to assure each person has the most helpful and appropriate service!!

All of these reactions are normal for an abnormal time. The Wellness Institute of Michigan will help you navigate this incredible challenge.

Thank you for reaching out to our practice.

Call: 517-347-4645

Telehealth Services At The Wellness Institute Of Michigan

  1. What is Telehealth?
    Telehealth is a video service which allows two or more people to communicate in a private, HIPAA compliant and confidential manner.

At The Wellness Institute of Michigan, there are a few Telehealth systems that our patients will have access to from their therapists. The systems are safe to use and protect the privacy of the patient.

  • How do I get onto Telehealth or use it?
    It is very easy to use even for those who are not very good with computers or technology. You can access the system using your phone or a computer. Your therapist puts you into a Telehealth schedule and then at the time of the appointment, the patient receives A link via email or text. The patient hits the link and is opened up to the site. Phone calls can be used in some circumstances.
  • Why do we use it?
    We use Telhealth to help people with a mental health concern or issue to connect with professional therapists when direct face-to-face services are not available or appropriate.
  • Where do you use it?
    Telehealth should be used in a place that is quiet and is private and where the persons involved won’t be interrupted, (for example it can be used from their car or in a room in a home.)
  • How much does Telehealth cost?
    Telehealth services for counseling are covered by most insurance companies that cover mental health services. In most cases it is covered at the same rate as an in-person session. Private pay is also accepted.