Help is Here – The effects of a mass shooting

March 6th, 2023

Hello everyone,

I am writing to share my grief with you about our beautiful and wonderful MSU and East Lansing community. I am so sad about this situation.  The active shooting has frightened us all to the core.  At the Wellness Institute of MI we mourn with you.  We mourn for those that were directly involved,  for those that were physically injured and my deepest empathy and grief for the lives that were lost yesterday. My heart goes out to all of you… 

How do we come back from this? How do I handle my feelings today?  First, there are no rules on how to handle the emotion experienced from the events of last night.  We all experience grief and anxiety a bit differently.  We recommend validating your feelings, and to sometimes sit with your feelings, write about them and or share your feelings with someone you trust. Anxiety, panic, and trauma may erupt at times and be very uncomfortable.  If so, it is suggested that you reach out for help with a professional counselor. Counselors help you learn coping skills for managing these challenges.

Please feel free to contact the Wellness Institute of MI for help. We have many experienced therapists who can work with you in addressing this very hard time.

With heartfelt support,

Karen Gallagher