How Do You Know When You Need Counseling?

  1. You feel stressed more often than not.
  2. You feel overwhelmed by daily life.
  3. You have had a recent transition–a new marriage, a move, a new baby, job changes or job stress, financial problems, loss in the family, trauma, a chronic illness in the family or elderly parent caregiver issues, or financial changes. You may also feel just bad about yourself.
  4. You have felt emotional upset such as sadness, worry, anxiety or panic, irritability, extra anger, or difficulty feeling “your old self.”
  5. You may feel physical symptoms such as fatigue, stomachaches, light headedness, tearfulness or generally just not feeling well.

If these situations, emotions, or physical symptoms occur, it may be helpful for you to consider counseling services.

A couple of things to remember:

Receiving counseling services doesn’t mean something is wrong with you! Counseling is actually a way to help cope with life.  Difficulties, challenges, setbacks, health issues, work and family are all part of life.  They happen to everyone!  No one goes through life without experiencing challenges.  It’s normal, and counseling can be helpful in learning techniques to cope with whatever life sends your way.

At the Wellness Institute of Michigan we welcome everyone working through life.