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Wellness matters. Wellness first.
Wellness Institute of MI joins forces with life coach Regina Carey, M.Ed.
Comprehensive Collaboration for Empowerment

About Regina Carey

Wellness matters. Wellness first.
The Passion Instigator
The goal of Regina’s work is to help people who have found themselves in an overwhelming and stressful lifestyle. She works to slow down and realign her client’s focus to the goals they are working to achieve! Especially for professionals with Invisible Disabilities, (ADD, learning disabilities, anxiety, dyslexia, and chronic health issues) life moves fast and the stressors can add up quickly creating difficult obstacles to overcome. Regina creates a safe space and never fails to deliver the energy required to guide people into growing, making decisions, and learning to quiet their minds.

Her methods focus on moving forward, paying close attention to language, and letting go of worry. She has been described as a natural dose of an antidepressant for people with the ability to inspire her clients into action within the first few minutes of meeting with them!
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She grounds people in our hyper-stimulated, often overwhelming world.
Christin N.
I can’t say enough about Regina, her energy, and her insights. As a professional coach myself, I appreciate having Regina as a thought partner. She is the perfect blend of warmth and intelligence, and I have benefited greatly from her wisdom and sincere concern for my personal and professional goals. If you have the chance, don’t waste the opportunity to bring Regina into your corner.
John C.
I love the way the world looks when I've finished a session with Regina! It's hard to put your finger on the exact magic, but there is something about the authenticity of her energy that really brings out the best in you.
Katie K.
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Overall Wellness

Wellness matters. Wellness first.
Therapy is designed to help you realize, accept, and overcome the thought patterns and habits that negatively impact your current reality. Life Coaching is designed to help you break your old habits, motivate the pursuit of your passions, and develop healthy lifestyle choices and practices, empowering you to create the life you want to live.
What's the difference?


  • State-licensed professionals
  • Focus on mental health growth and healing
  • Open-Ended
    Individualized care that evolves with patient circumstances and needs
  • Short-Term or Long-Term
    Determined by the individual and the therapist
  • Takes insurance or private pay

Life Coaching

  • Experience-based professionals
  • Focus on present and future empowerment
  • Goal-Oriented
    May recognize ways the past has shaped thought and habits, but the focus lies in pursuing the present and future
  • Short-Term
    Length is often decided before the first meeting
  • Some take insurance but many don’t
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Working Together

Wellness matters. Wellness first.
Therapy and Coaching are designed to help individuals with self-development, awareness, and taking action. When combined with each other, goals and solutions for the individual are typically met earlier because of the comprehensive approach. Patterns of behavior are identified in therapy and immediate action is made in coaching. For those individuals who are ready for a change, combining these approaches can have a very positive impact!
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