How To Make An Appointment

Scheduling an appointment is easy


  • CALL: The Wellness Institute of Michigan office land line directly and speak to our front office staff. We will gather basic information from you and then work with you to determine a time that works best to arrange your counseling session. Your insurance is checked regarding coverage for services and the match for a therapist who fits your needs, schedule and is covered by your insurance is confirmed as well. (P) 517-347-4645
  • FAX: Your information, name, age and contact information to our office fax line and we will follow up with a phone call to you. (F) 517-347-4644
  • EMAIL: The Wellness Institute of Michigan: [email protected]

Once we receive your call, fax or email, we follow up immediately. We will contact you to finalize details and determine which therapist is the best match for you.

We can usually schedule first appointments for counseling within one week of your initial contact.


  • Call the front office for reschedules and cancellations with 24 hours notice please.
  • You may also leave a message for your therapist to contact you.