The Uvalde, Texas Robb Elementary School Shooting Post

It is with deep sadness that I reflect on the senseless loss of life yesterday in Uvalde, Texas.  There is pain in my heart for that community and the families who lost loved ones.  This event is tragic and a mark in our country’s history. 

As I think about my reaction to this loss and all of the mass shootings and gun violence in the country, I believe we are all struggling with how this feels. I am clearly not alone. These events can bring up depression, and anxiety and recreate trauma for many.  There is a lump in my throat and no pep in my step today. The grief and fear have increased their presence. 

Please talk about what you are feeling with a friend, family member, or professional. It is helpful to share our thoughts and feelings with others. Please ask for help if the pain becomes greater than you expected or greater than you are able to manage alone. Wellness Matters. Wellness First.

Karen Gallagher, LMSW 

President/ CEO