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Wellness matters. Wellness first.
Hello and thank you for visiting our website. At the Wellness Institute of MI we try to make your services as comfortable and inviting as possible. Our mental health therapists are your partners in helping you find a positive healthy process to assist you in achieving your mental health wellness goals. Everyone has stress and/or challenges at some point in their life which can bring about emotional discomfort. We invite you to work with a member of our team to address these types of concerns. You are not alone.

We provide individual, family, and couples therapy for all ages in a safe and confidential environment via telehealth or in person. We assure that the most qualified therapist is assigned to meet your individual counseling and scheduling needs.

Welcome and we look forward to working with you.
Karen Gallagher | LMSW, ACSW | Practice Owner
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A Little About Us

Wellness matters. Wellness first.

Mental Health Wellness Center in Lansing

Wellness matters. Wellness first.
Mental health and wellbeing is a critical factor in everyone’s life. At the Wellness Institute Of Michigan, we provide mental health therapists near Lansing for individuals, couples, and families to provide confidential, therapeutic treatment to address stress, challenges, and emotional issues that are negatively impacting your life. Our therapists are experienced professionals providing years of therapeutic expertise, compassion, and education to create holistic treatment plans for each of our clients.

Our mental health care services are offered in-person at our office locations, which is ideal for people in and around Jackson and Okemos. We also offer mental health therapy for those in Lansing using telehealth, which allows you to work with a highly qualified, experienced therapist from the comfort of your own home. Our telehealth services are completed using a confidential, private, and HIPAA-compliant platform, allowing easy scheduling without the need for in-person mental health counseling.

The Wellness Institute Of Michigan offers mental health counseling during traditional business hours as well as weekends and evenings based on the therapist’s individual scheduling availability. Our therapists specialize in supporting clients with different needs and those experiencing a variety of challenges and life stressors. Through counseling and therapy, our clients develop positive coping, set and meet personal goals, and create mechanisms and positive change in their lives.