Wellness matters. Wellness first.
The mission of the Wellness Institute of Michigan is our endless commitment to the highest quality of patient care provided by expertly trained professional clinicians. Quality care is about delivering our services with welcoming compassion, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The mission is deeply rooted in the belief that helping others to care for their mental health empowers individuals, families, and communities to aide and improve their overall wellness.


Wellness matters. Wellness first.
To promote the importance, normalization, acceptance, and understanding of mental health care for all people. To prevent the rise of mental health issues through quality care, education, and advocacy.

Core Values

Wellness matters. Wellness first.
We demonstrate our profound humbleness and gratitude to be in the business of helping others.
We believe that all individuals can benefit from personal mental health care.
We always serve our patients with sincere respect and dignity.
We are inclusive of all populations regarding their beliefs, sexual identity, religion, race, color, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, or disability.
We live everyday who and what we strive to be, treating others with kindness and compassion. We support one another in a collaborative environment and are gracious to all who cross our path.
We listen attentively and carefully to our patients, employees, and contractors so we can respond to their input and needs immediately and with sensitivity.
We evaluate how we are performing as a company so we can continue to evolve, improve, and flourish in all levels of our services and in our outreach to the community.
We remain conscientious in the practice of mental health counseling by exemplifying the highest level of competency and professionalism in our patient care and in our business operations.
We prioritize giving back to the community for the sole purpose of finding joy in the process of helping others.

Our Partnership

Wellness matters. Wellness first.

At the Wellness Institute of MI we try to make your services as comfortable and inviting as possible. Our mental health therapists are your partners in helping you find a positive healthy process to assist you in achieving your mental health wellness goals. Everyone has stress and/or challenges at some point in their life which can bring about emotional discomfort. We invite you to work with a member of our team to address these types of concerns. You are not alone.

We provide individual, family, and couples therapy for all ages in a safe and confidential environment via telehealth or in person. We assure that the most qualified therapist is assigned to meet your individual counseling and scheduling needs.

Karen is honored to be affiliated with our group of clinicians, as they are able to serve the varying needs of the community.

Karen Gallagher | LMSW, ACSW | Practice Owner

Services are provided to ages 0 to 100

It's About Wellness

Wellness matters. Wellness first.
Customer Service
We are unique from other clinics because of the individual one-on-one attention and help that you receive from us. From the time you reach out to make the first contact with our office, we answer your questions and always return your calls as soon as possible. Communication with our patients is our first priority.

Our desire is to truly make this opportunity for your growth an easy and comfortable process allowing you to focus on your counseling experience.
Appointments are scheduled typically within one week of your first contact.
Philosophy of Treatment
Our philosophy of treatment is to treat all patients with dignity, respect, and full compliance with ethical standards of practice. We understand that people have multiple influences and experiences in their lives which may impact their own relationships and style of life. At the Wellness Institute of Michigan, we work with each patient in full consideration of their individual cultural experience, socio-economic circumstances, gender identity, and spiritual and family background. We have deep regard for the person you are and work with you in the direction you want to go to make changes and improve your life circumstances. We are your teammate during your journey with us.

Welcome to The Wellness Institute of Michigan.

Your counseling journey begins here.