Parenting Tips

By Sharla Erbe, LMSW, IMH-E-III Does it seem like you are always battling your kids? No matter what simple request you ask them, like, “Go put on your shoes, we’re leaving for the park,” soon becomes an argument. What’s going on here?  Why do our...

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); It’s Not A Veterans-Only Disorder

By: Tammy Edinger, LMSW, LCSW, ACSW, BCD Are you struggling with how you respond to situations? Are your loved ones finding your responses to situations frightening? Have you been referred to as “mean, abrasive, aggressive”? If so, take a moment to review some basic information related...

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New Year Mental Health Cleanse

A Mental Health Cleanse for the New Year

By: Karen Gallagher, LMSW, ACSW, Founder and President January 8, 2018 For many of us, welcoming the New Year can be either a curse or a blessing. Is it bittersweet? We say good-bye to one year and then off to the next. What do we do...

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acquired disability article

Life is a Journey: The Role of Emotional Adjustment When Facing “Acquired Disability”

I don’t know if it is naive thinking, denial, or ignorance, but most folks do not focus on an anticipated crisis or an event that could be life changing. Critical, life-changing eruptions may be so enormous that an individual cannot return to their original path....

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